G.R.O.W. Ministries believe and support in the vision and mission of other ministries. We have been privileged in helping out some of these ministries’ efforts to prepare others for the second coming of Christ. We invite all to visit the following ministries.


Aenon was a place where it was believed that Philip baptized a eunuch as he was on his way home to his country. A young man had a vision of opening up a health sanitarium and a medical missionary school in Malaysia as a way to spread the gospel of Christ. Please visit www.aenon.org.my


ARME Bible Camp is founded by a group of volunteers called to inspire deep Bible study through prayer and bible training meetings. Please visit www.armebiblecamp.com


Adventist Southeast Asia Projects (ASAP) was born out a woman's compassion to help Cambodia when the country suffered under the cruelty of Pol Pot. Now the passion has been extended to help not only Cambodia, but to Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. Please visit www.asapministries.org


Back to Enoch ministry is a pastor's dream to show people the meaning of country living through the life of Enoch. Please visit www.backtoenoch.org


The Final Generation Media Productions uses digital technology to spread the 3 Angel's Messages to all the world. Please visit www.thefinalgeneration.org


Gospel Ministries International (GMI) was born out a pastor's burning desire to bring people to the frontline of mission work. Please visit www.gospelministry.org


He's Coming Broadcasting Network (HCBN) is made up of a committed group of Filipinos to spread the gospel through media ministry. Please visit www.hcbn.org


IONA Missions is a young evangelist's passion of teaching people how to study the Bible and how to teach the Bible to others. Please visit www.ionamissions.com


Jesus For Asia is a layman's dream to bring Jesus to the people in Asia and it is also his dream that people will be inspired to do mission work in Asia. Please visit www.jesus4asia.org


Lay Institute of Global Health Training (LIGHT) is a ministry that brings the medical missionary work to countries who do not have the resources to send people to be trained in the United States.  Please visit www.lightingtheworld.org


Missionary Evangelistic and Education Training (MEET) ministry is a fulfillment of a vision given to a husband and wife who desire to train young and old about medical missionary work within a short time period due to the urgency of the times. Please visit www.meetministry.org


Mountain Media Ministries is a call to people to leave the cities and to live in the country. Please visit www.mountainmediaministries.org


Strawberry Meadow Association is a layman's passion to reach out to our fellow Moslem brethren about the gospel of Christ. Please visit www.strawberrymeadowassociation.com


Turning the Hearts is a ministry reaching out to families so as to have a closer walk with Jesus and with one another. Please visit www.turningthehearts.org