W. Bradford (Brad) Neeley, director of G.R.O.W. Ministries, is an international, natural lifestyle  therapist, a gospel health evangelist, as well as an accomplished agricultural specialist. 
 He has many loves, but first and foremost is his love for God which began in 1986 and is  growing daily. As plants require certain conditions for proper development, Brad believes  that there are necessary components for our love for God to flourish. Sharing these insights  creates great joy. 
 His beloved and skilled grandfather was a source of inspiration. He planted the agricultural  seed within Brad at an early age, and encouraged it to blossom. His mentoring instilled in  Brad a spirit of dedication to work with the soil. This training, founded on Biblical principles  and proven natural and scientific methods are used to obtain healthy, nutrient-dense  produce. Gardening is not only energizing but vital in character development, aiding in  physical, mental and spiritual growth. In addition, the current food available commercially necessitates the need for freshly-grown produce for disease prevention and reversal.
Brad’s affiliation with full-time gospel, health and agricultural work began in 1999 when he began working alongside Drs. Thomas and LaVerne Jackson Ph.D. and later Joel Arcilla M.D. at their respective facilities. Traveling to numerous lifestyle facilities and health retreats worldwide and the ever increasing rate of sickness he observed, catapulted him into being used as an agent for God’s healing. With this preparation, Brad founded G.R.O.W. Ministries© (God’s Road to Optimal Wholeness), an educational retreat and farm ministry dedicated to restoring the whole person.. 
He is married to Lynn Neeley, a physician assistant who values integrative, natural health care. Their daughter, Christianna, is an integral part of this operation.
Brad believes that true health is found in wholeness, not just physically, but also mentally, spiritually and socially. This is the core emphasis to all information given and training offered. 
He has traveled worldwide, conducting Bible, health and agricultural training seminars and delivering personalized restoration programs.
Based in rural Kentucky, G.R.O.W. offers an opportunity for one to escape the hustle and bustle. A visit provides an opportunity to receive personalized education that will regenerate the body and soul. Each guest receives an individually-catered program which utilizes many tools including prayer, intense nutrition, and hydrotherapy. Essential lifestyle habits are established. Education and experience on soil management and natural gardening is also given to all who desire it. On occasion, assistance at your home is also available.  Tailored health consultations and practical agriculture seminars for gardening enthusiasts of every proficiency are also offered. A Master Gardener, Brad loves to infuse others with the truth of how God’s Plan Heals soul, body and soil. It is his highest desire to see the Gospel preached worldwide—not just by words, but seeing it tangibly realized in the lives of those seeking truth.
Irene Mulia Tarigan was born in Indonesia, lived in Singapore for 10 years and moved to the United States for her high school and college education. She was trained as an engineer and worked in an Indonesian agricultural business for 5 years before becoming an educator for 2.5 years in two international schools. During her professional career, the Lord called her to be a medical missionary which she answered the call and He led her to be trained at MEET ministry in 2008. She accepted Brad’s invitation to be part of GROW Ministries a few months after her training.
Irene serves as Associate Director of GROW Ministries; however, she is currently residing in Indonesia. She teaches Bible, nutrition, and massage classes. She has been invited by several ministries to train medical missionaries in Cambodia, China, Philippines and Thailand.