Meet the people behind GROW MINISTRIES


William Bradford Neely (Brad) has been a farm manager for 12 years. He began GROW Ministries in 2004 from the need to assist others who are beginning or fine tuning their gardening skills. He developed a love for gardening from his grandfather who was instrumental in inspiring him. Brad shares his knowledge of  how natural gardening can produce delicious, nutritious fruit and vegetables and how to preserve them. Biblical principles and proven natural and scientific methods are used to obtain healthy, nutritionally-dense produce. A Master Gardener, Brad loves to infuse others with the truth of how vital and energizing gardening is in character development, aiding in physical, mental and spiritual growth. Brad is a devoted husband, and father of one daughter, the pride of his life who shares his love for having hands in the soil.



Irene Mulia Tarigan was born in Indonesia, lived in Singapore for 10 years and moved to the United States for her high school and college education. She was trained as an engineer and worked in an Indonesian agricultural business for 5 years before becoming an educator for 2.5 years in two international schools.During her professional career, the Lord called her to be a medical missionary which she answered the call and He led her to be trained at MEET ministry in 2008. She accepted Brad’s invitation to be part of GROW Ministries a few months after her training.

Irene serves as Associate Director of GROW Ministries, however she is currently residing in Indonesia. She teaches Bible, nutrition, and massage classes. She has been invited by several ministries to train medical missionaries in Cambodia, China, Philippines and Thailand.